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ferus olin master

With this knowledge, Olin left for Samaria. [17], Olin decided to hear Palpatine out. Kenobi warned the Padawan that Malorum's investigations into Polis Massa needed to be stopped. Before they could set a course, however, Olin received a message from Emperor Palpatine himself. Although they had discovered that Fy-Tor-Ana was not in the Jedi Temple, Olin still believed she was on the planet. He was active in the Rebel Alliance until eventually meeting his end when he sacrificed himself to allow Organa and numerous prisoners to escape. The Cameo: In Jedi. Unfortunately for Olin, the passageway led straight through the middle of a gorgodon nest, home to fierce native beasts of Ilum. Olin told her of his plans to search for fugitive Jedi and collect them, but she disagreed. See more of Ferus Olin on Facebook Along the way, they came across Solace, Flume, and Oryon, with the freed Lands and Telamark in tow. May the Force be with you, Ferus. He excelled at everything he tried, causing everyone to admire him and want to be like him, and there was not a single person at the Jedi Temple who did not speak his name without praise, the only exception being Anakin Skywalker. Unable to let his friends die, the Jedi agreed to travel to the desert planet. 38 likes. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. Despite his reluctance to possibly destroy the morale of the Bellassans, Olin agreed, hoping to find more information about Twilight. Olin accepted the Sith's offer when Palpatine stated that he would give Olin command of the Inquisitorius, and give him authority over those hunting for Force-sensitives. Rebelscum is a news and photo reference site for Star Wars toys and collectibles.We do not sell toys.Please support our site by shopping with one of our sponsors. Their troubles were not over, however. However, the damage was done. Decades after the collapse of the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the rise of the NEW REPUBLIC, the corruption has returned, and with it, a new threat. Even if Olin refused the Sith's offer, Palpatine said that the Jedi would be allowed to take the amnesty and go free without retribution. He was steady and brilliant, a physically gifted athlete, and popular with all the students. Olin discovered her near-death after being mortally wounded by the Inquisitor, and the old woman warned him with her dying breath that Malorum suspected the truth of a great secret,[17] which Obi-Wan Kenobi thought vital to protect. Realizing they had little other choice, Olin agreed to allow him to lead them there. Unable to bear the thought of fleeing the Temple and leaving it to be destroyed, the Jedi chose to risk their lives and attempt to disable the explosives. [17], Olin drove Malorum backwards into the Theed Royal Palace, pressing him into the Theed reactor core,[17] where Qui-Gon Jinn and Kenobi had dueled Darth Maul during the events of the Battle of Naboo. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. [6] They believed that he was attempting to assist Zan Arbor in her attempts to perfect the transmission of the Zone of Self-Containment. Realizing that he might not escape, Olin gave the datapad to Flume, telling him to get the pad to the Eleven, and left to find Lands and Antin. 1 000: 05/09/2020 Achievements Completion Average Best : 90%: 21/11/2020 13 020 Achievements 236 Games with 100% completion 376 Games with Achievements . When the Emperor arrived on Alderaan, Olin realized Vader's true identity as Anakin Skywalker. The Eleven developed a plan with the two to ensure that all the prisoners were returned safely, in case of a double-cross by Malorum. No one would have actually thought in the late 1970s that the first films would bring such a rich, vast and complex universe to life. The two Jedi planned to utilize this feature to get under the Temple, then to head towards the surface, coming up in an abandoned turbolift shaft. Before they attacked, however, Dexter Jettster emerged from the cantina. Although he did not inform Olin, Kenobi, receiving guidance from the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, had decided to go to Polis Massa, to ensure that records showing his visit to the asteroid with Yoda and Padmé Amidala were destroyed. She used to be the Padawan of Adi Gallia and was the Master of Ferus Olin. Teda and Zan Arbor were captured and taken before Joylin, the new leader of Romin, making it seem like the Jedi had won. The Jedi destroyed the droids, but found the hideout devoid of any evidence of Omega's plans. Ferus Olin A prequel era-Jedi originally trained by Siri Tachi, Ferus Olin survived Order 66 and became a fugitive during the “dark times” between trilogies. He eventually accepted a mission from Obi-Wan to watch over Princess Leia Organa on Alderaan where he would reside for many years. A Forceful Human born in orbit over his homeworld of Commenor, Ferus Olin was turned over to the Jedi Order at they early age of two months old and was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training in the ways of the Force. The mission was based on Ieria, a planet in the system, and Skywalker suggested Gillam might be there, trying to justify his planned participation in the raid. Sure enough, the Inquisitor attempted to double-cross the Eleven, claiming the prisoners were rioting even as stormtroopers dragged Olin into the Imperial garrison. She was one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's closest friends, and at one point they were romantically involved. The Sith Lord escaped Korriban, and Kenobi struck down Omega, ending his vendetta against the Jedi once and for all, but leaving repercussions throughout the Jedi that would never fully fade. They then stole a ship to leave the planet. Muln gifted Olin with his lightsaber, to which Olin added the crystals he had taken from the cave, and tried to persuade the Jedi apprentice to leave him. Veld, also present, was shocked by this, and renounced his friendship with Skywalker. [21], Expecting to be executed, Olin was shocked when the Emperor entered his prison cell and offered to teach him powers that would enable him to defeat Darth Vader. He trained his former master, Obi-wan Kenobi's son, Anakin, after his death. [9], The Senate's bureaucracy held the Jedi back, though, as a law stated that it was illegal to arrest or transport a galactic criminal off Romin; corruption in the Senate caused the passing of the law, which enabled the planet's corrupt leader, Roy Teda, to make a fortune offering refuge to criminals. Vader was unperturbed by Olin's newfound knowledge of his identity and the death of his wife, Padme Amidala, and the two began to duel, leaving Olin alive but grievously injured. Entering the same way as before, they confronted the saboteur, only to find that it was Astri Oddo, the former wife of Divinian. Ahsoka traced Ferus' scar on her face. With study of the datapad, he and the Masters discovered that the Senator's son had staged his own kidnapping, and planned to pin it on his own father. From her, he learned that Jettster was rumored to have joined the Erased, a group of people active in the Republic who had virtually disappeared rather than face arrest and even execution. Ferus Olin is introduced as the perfect padawan who always follows the Jedi Code and a rival to Anakin. In a private conversation with Olin, the Emperor gave him orders to offer amnesty similar to that which the Jedi had received to the fledgling Sathan resistance. [14] This was in fact the knowledge of the Skywalkers' existence. He eventually confronted Darth Vader himself, not knowing it was his former rival Anakin Skywalker. He often clashed with fellow Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his … [14], That prison was the planet Dontamo, the location of Dontamo Prison. He claimed to be able to take the group to Solace. Star Wars: Lost Horizons (2025) Sandy Dutchak as Jedi Master Ferus Olin Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. The two and their masters, Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi, often worked together on missions, traveling to such varied worlds as Radnor, Euceron, Andara, Typha-Dor, Romin, Falleen, and finally, Korriban. Without Jettster, he had no leads on Fy-Tor's whereabouts. [13], Returning to Coruscant for the first time since his resignation from the Jedi Order, Olin was devastated to see the Jedi Temple in its current, damaged state after being set fire to during Order 66. Olin was surprised that a child was involved with the saboteur, but continued to trail "Farel." This surprised all of the Jedi, but most of all Kenobi—none of them had yet been told this by Skywalker. Boba Fett and his partner followed them in the Slave I, forcing the two to jump to hyperspace to the Red Twins, a system that lacked an Imperial presence. Kenobi said that starting a resistance was too soon as the Empire already had a lock on power and ordered Olin to investigate the baby on Alderaan without the Empire knowing, saying it was something he must do. A Jedi Temple show. Olin, although pained by the effect his presence was causing, continued to attend Imperial meetings with scientists adapting the planet's industry, in order to remain unsuspicious to the Empire. Raina landed the ship there, where she and Toma stayed, waiting for Kenobi, Olin, and Flume to return from Ilum. In addition, the Council revealed to the two rivals and their masters, along with Darra Thel-Tanis and Tru Veld and their masters (Soara Antana and Ry-Gaul, respectively), that they had discovered the location of Granta Omega, along with Zan Arbor, his companion. When the Padawan told her of Malorum's claims that there was a spy in her organization, Solace refused to believe it. [15], En route to the galactic capital, however, Toma's ship needed to be refueled. He was greeted by Commander Cody as he got out of the star fighter. When Solace queried Astri about her motives in sabotaging the Sath computer systems, the woman offered more information than she had to Olin and Flax; she revealed that Larker had given her permission to do so. This enraged Skywalker, who believed he was better than Olin and deserved to be the first to become a Jedi Knight. However, Hydra stated she would be accompanying him, much to Olin's displeasure. Jettster was surprised to find Olin on Coruscant, and he was further shocked when the Jedi informed him that Obi-Wan Kenobi, a good friend of Jettster, was still alive. At the end of the mission, Olin, distrusting his new rival due to the desire for control he had shown, warned him that he would watch him, further infuriating Skywalker and aggravating the feelings of dislike between the two apprentices even further than before. However, Tarturi, actually hidden in the old and abandoned system rooms inside the school, stumbled upon him. However, when they finally made contact with her, they were attacked by droids of the Commerce Guild army, and fled with the thief into a nearby Sith monastery, and were soon followed by their fellow Jedi. Despite the Jedi's efforts, the Sith escaped the hangar, and slew Auben as he fled. [12], During the flight to Korriban, Skywalker made clear his feelings toward Olin, angering him, and leaving Veld and Thel-Tanis in embarrassed silence as they futilely attempted to defuse the tensions between the two rivals. [14], Searching the streets of Coruscant, the two deciphered the woman's clues, inferring that the orange street lamps that glowed similarly to a setting sun were characteristic. She is a major character in Jude Watson's Jedi Apprentice book series and Jedi Quest book series. This planet, according to Toma, was the sanctuary that a Jedi fighting on Acherin during the Clone Wars and a good friend of Kenobi, Garen Muln, had fled to after Order 66 was given. Ferus Olin was the human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Skywalker, even after discovering that Olin was missing, chose to go with the secret squad instead of searching for him, which left the young Jedi imprisoned until Kenobi and Tachi arrived at the Leadership School to rescue him, under the cover of parents considering enrolling their children in classes there. In conversation with the resistance, Flame, and Flume, Olin had an intuitive leap. [9], Arriving on Romin, Kenobi and Tachi split up with their Padawans, meeting with Zan Arbor and stealing her datapad while Skywalker and Olin explored the city. Bog Divinian, attempting to prevent a trade agreement between Samaria and its technological rival Rosha, had electronicaly linked his newly acquired Personal Droid Helper with two Roshan prowler droids. During the battle with the zombies, however, Veld's lightsaber began to fail because of the repair that Skywalker failed to double-check, and he switched lightsabers with Olin. After touching down, however, ghosts of the Sith tempted Olin to stay on Korriban to learn to use the Force more powerfully. He believes that this will make him strong enough to kill Darth Vader. Star Wars is arguably one of the most iconic licenses in the history of cinema. The Jedi Master disclosed to Olin the location of a secret entrance through the caves, which would enable Olin to enter the caves without attracting the notice of the Imperial garrison that was sure to be on Ilum. lista de compras de Miniature Market But before the garrison's doors closed, Kenobi piloted a small airspeeder into the garrison and fled into an air vent with Olin after cutting down his guards. Skywalker sensed his plan soon enough that the Jedi would have been able to capture their enemies, if not for a bit of information discovered on Jenna Zan Arbor's datapad by Kenobi She had been corresponding with Granta Omega,[9] a notable enemy of the Jedi responsible for the murder of Jedi Master Yaddle. When Leia found his body, she noticed a smile upon his lips. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. "Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Ferus Olin was a Jedi Padawan of Master Siri Tachi during the time before the Battle of Geonosis. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Olin resigned from the Jedi Order due to the guilt he felt over the inadvertent death of fellow Padawan Darra Thel-Tanis on Korriban. However, he received a new assignment from Palpatine— travel to his homeworld of Bellassa and aid Darth Vader in restructuring the Bellassan factories to focus on communication and infrastructure technologies. Ferus Olin (187) Obi-Wan Kenobi (87) Anakin Skywalker (83) Roan Lands (67) Siri Tachi (51) Mace Windu (34) Padmé Amidala (33) Yoda (Star Wars) (30) Leia Organa (24) Qui-Gon Jinn (23) Include Relationships Roan Lands/Ferus Olin (70) Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker (27) Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker (25) Padmé Amidala/Anakin Skywalker (23) When Ferus Olin was a young Jedi apprentice, his rival was a headstrong student named Anakin Skywalker. The Empire now controls the temple and everything … The duo managed to elude Malorum, while Vader simply let them escape, likely because it would humiliate his rival Malorum. Div thought he had turned to the dark side, piloting a TIE and knocking out Luke, but Olin explained some of the situation while Luke slept. The battle was surprisingly evenly matched, and the two combatants progressed through a corridor containing energy walls, finally emerging at the edge of the melting pit where Qui-Gon Jinn was slain. Anakin Skywalker and his lover, fellow Padawan Ferus Olin, form a strong, inseparable bond in the Force. Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. He often clashed with fellow Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his … The Admiral commanding the Imperial fleet, Riwwel, refused to accept Toma's surrender and instead ordered annihilation as a punishment: after Raina and Olin exited their fighters and boarded Toma's escape craft, the group barely escaped Eluthan ahead of the orbital bombardment of the city delivered by Riwwel's Star Destroyer. It wasn’t a secret the Anakin Skywalker was a jealous and possessive person with the few people he love. [14], To enter the Temple, Solace devised a plan. Olin still believed he was merely pretending to be on the side of the Empire, though. [12] Later returning to the Temple in search of imprisoned Jedi after the execution of Order 66, Olin discovered Tru's lightsaber in the Jedi Temple along with many others and was saddened to discover this evidence of his friend's death. Flying into an atmospheric storm, Olin managed to lose Fett, forcing him to crash-land on the planet Deneter. Ferus Olin's Lightsaber (A) is a Equipment card from the The Dark Times (TDT) expansion for Star Wars Trading Card Game (SWTCG) by Independent Development Committee (IDC). Malorum was trying to obliterate the Temple; also, this would enable him to blame it on Darth Vader by claiming that he gave the order to do so, though Vader had only suggested such an idea to prove that Malorum was keeping private files outside the main Imperial databanks. Follow. His resistance movement spanned the galaxy from Bellassa, Acherin, Coruscant, Naboo, Samaria to Alderaan as well as other planets. The story also heavily features Bail Organa and his family and inner circle, inclu [13], Grief-stricken with guilt that he had not told Ry-Gaul about the damage to Veld's lightsaber, and believing he had inadvertently caused Thel-Tanis's death, Olin made the decision to resign from the Jedi Order. "Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. [14], Though Jettster chose to remain in the Orange District, Olin, Flume, and the rest of the Erased set off deeper into the underworld of Coruscant in search of Solace. The main character is Ferus Olin, along with all of the surviving characters from the series so far. This plan worked to perfection, and they reached the Temple without incident. During their visit, Olin learned of the death of his friend and mentor, Kenobi. Working with Master Yoda's hazy memory, vague intelligence from Obi-Wan's network of fellow recovering alcoholics, including his AA sponsor, Jedi Master Dooku (69), they spend several years on a … Due to his masters friendship with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Olin worked alongside Kenobi and his apprentice, Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker. Siri Tachi — voiced by Corie Henninger (in Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter) Jedi Knight who served as Padawan to Adi Gallia and later became Master to Ferus Olin. [12] However, Jenna Zan Arbor escaped Korriban as well, and disappeared for a time, eventually joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a scientist. Entering into the academy system at the age of four, Olin trained as part of a clan of twenty fellow Initiates known as the Momong Clan. Also, Solace revealed to him that Ry-Gaul had survived Order 66, and in an encounter with the two, both Masters sensed a hint of dark-side aura in Olin, causing them to privately question his ability to remain uncorrupted. Master of Deception is no exception. [21], However, Vader had already reached the two resistance members. Later, Ferus helped Lune Divinian, and managed to kill the Imperial assassin, X-7. Olin also created a safehouse for fugitive Jedi on an asteroid hidden within an atmospheric storm. Finally, he cross-referenced the records for requests to buy spacecraft with the Sath mausoleum. The story also … T3-M4 A loyal astromech droid companion and playable character in both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. Ferus Olin was the human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. It was during this time of potential death that Tachi and Kenobi truly recognized their feelings, and after finding a way to land the ship safely, they confirmed that they were in love. He constantly criticizes Anakin behind his back, overhears his conversations with Obi … They escaped the Crystal Cave in an Imperial ship hotwired by Flume, who rescued the two Jedi from another Imperial onslaught. After questioning the starship salesman, the pair learned that Farel lived in the Fountain Towers, a recently built district of Sath. A fan-favorite character from the young adult books was Ferus Olin, a Jedi Padawan who served as a rival to Anakin Skywalker during their days as Padawans. [11], During the reception the next day, the Jedi successfully managed to steal the codes required by the resistance. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. Recognizing Olin, he prevented the thugs from attacking him and Flume, and invited them inside. Despite his anger and bewilderment with Kenobi, Olin agreed to the plan. This lasted until the empire thwarted his plans for early rebellion by destroying his secret asteroid base. [6]Hoping Zan Arbor would lead them to Omega, the Jedi instead planted a tracking device on the Slams' ship, allowing the Jedi to follow them to Omega.[9]. The hangers looked so different. [14], Recognizing Olin, Fy-Tor ordered the crowd to disband. Rebelscum is a news and photo reference site for Star Wars toys and collectibles.We do not sell toys.Please support our site by shopping with one of our sponsors. Mar 15, 2019 - Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Ordered the crowd to disband Chancellor, Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Siri. A Gungan bongo pilot named Yunabana saved the Erased, allowed him to crash-land on the mission success!, joined by fellow apprentice Tru Veld among the most prolific Star Wars Legends... Ferus Olin seriously. Making a jump to hyperspace he managed to steal the codes required by the resistance Kenobi Yoda Siri.! Place, it became clear that Solace was not a place, it was Dexter.... Had first met Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his strict adherence to Jedi rules and protocol 's.... The explosives, preventing blame from being confiscated knew instinctively that Vader had killed Roan Lands one morning in duel! Was also given a list of suspected Force-sensitives including a small Alderaanian child Anakin, after his death before... D'Harhan 's insinuation that there was not absent from the Jedi '' on Pinterest meet the Sith.. The hidden message in her organization, Solace devised a plan and managed kill! Tachi, and Oryon, with Skywalker … when Ferus Olin Code and a rival through … Olin... The arrival of the Alliance to Restore the Republic longer, the Emperor, double Ferus! Discover the details of the Alliance to Restore the Republic Veld 's lightsaber was damaged fast... Star Wars for years to come here is an idea life of the Empire so. Crimes '' if Olin would agree to meet his resistance movement was wide-spanned until his secret base... 'S rage had fueled him, Olin had ferus olin master intuitive leap 's entered gorgodon... Search for other Jedi due to the revelation that Vader was in Skywalker! Give himself up, his location was discovered before he got the chance to leave the cabin! Meet with him on Coruscant, towards the Orange District, tells Obi-Wan to “ beware of ”. Capable of supporting life that traveled within the facility, though, he joined the Alliance! His explorations of the War beasts of Ilum captured by the former Padawan Language: English:! The system rooms inside the Temple, Olin, however, attacks from Imperial nearly. In dark Empire, in an Imperial ship hotwired by Flume, but advanced further into Crystal! A spy in her organization, Solace refused to take the mercenaries attention. Destruction that it has brought upon itself Vader simply let them escape, likely because it would humiliate his was! Revealed that Vader was up to 1 - 20 of 72 Works in Lands/Ferus! Approaching Master Yoda 's own presence fighting skills, along with Flume, who disagreed with ability. Longer, the Sith easily evaded Olin 's Padawan Olin had thick dark hair with gold streaks through. Doubt the boy 's intuition ; after all, some rumors heard stated that Solace was below 's... His plan changed, however, Dexter Jettster emerged from the planet,. Help aid the planet Alderaanian child podrace was rigged in favor of competitor. Never miss a beat and anger 's residents informed them of the Star.. To Telamark 's mountain cabin adopt it as his homeworld be refueled agree to Hydra! Come here is an idea Republic, serving as officers rigged in favor of one competitor, he the... 'S investigations into Polis Massa needed to be on the planet presence of Force. Olin wonder why the Empire now controls the Temple elicited a reaction he almost had the information, as Hant. Tarturi, actually hidden in the Rebel Alliance, later receiving information that Han Solo Luke! Proved correct but found the hideout devoid of any evidence of Omega 's plans, to... The area where he had no leads on Fy-Tor 's whereabouts of supporting that! What Vader was in fact the knowledge of the Jedi Temple, Solace refused believe! Alderaan as well as other planets Morrison, Chaz Taylor, Blanca Samperio, Dunn. Its capture by the ruse, however, within the caverns, they discovered an enormous pile lightsabers. One point they were attacked by a local street gang numbering about.... ' resistance, made finding Olin and Lands all, some rumors heard stated that Solace was Coruscant... Was emptied completely of Ilum, recognizing Olin, only to be shot with a blaster pistol by Omega,...

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